Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Being Sick Sucks

Yep, I said it, being sick sucks. I wish I had another word to describe how I feel but sucks is as good as it gets. It seems these past couple months have been a roller coaster ride, a ride I did not want to get on, nor would I ever wish to get on. Long story short, after umpteen doctor visits, blood draws, prescriptions, vitamins and ups and downs, it finally seems I am starting to feel good again. I am so happy winter is almost over and the flower bulbs are starting to grow. Spring can be a beautiful time of year.

Enough about my woes, and on to something new......
If I hadn't mentioned this before, I am gluten free. I love soft bread rolls and pizza but because of a health issue I was advised to stay away from it, it has been almost a year. I swear I mourned over it for a good 3 months and every so often I still want to kick something. I have found some good substitutes, and it really doesn't bother me anymore, but nothing can compare to a soft roll, scones or good old pizza crust made with regular white flour. One of my new things for the day included a new recipe that was better than any flour mix I have ever tried and it is gluten free. Gluten Free Corn Bread. My girls couldn't tell the difference and I couldn't stop eating it.

Gluten Free Corn Bread

Now that I am on the road to feeling good again, I plan to write more, and try more new things.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Computer ~ Day 38

Holy Smokes, my new thing for the day was by no choice. This put me in panic mode, to say the least. My computer went dead on me. Literally would not do anything. My husband tried messing with it for a few hours and could not fix and we decided to let it rest a day. That whole day I can't tell you how many times I went to the computer to check email, look up something, print out worksheets, look at weather, only to find it ignoring me and laughing as I squirmed. The spent the whole day off the computer and it made me realize I probably spend too much time on it. It takes away time from other things in my life and maybe I should have a set time a day that I allow myself. That is what my new thing for the day taught me, seems I learn something new every day about myself.

My new thing for the day was no computer. It is now working, and I am getting caught up on the posts I wasn't able to write.

Fly Lady Challenge
Day 7 ~ Pick out your clothes the night before
Same as yesterday with putting out hotspots added and now the new challenge laying out your clothes the night before

Funny thing about that is, I do that for my girls but never thought about doing it for myself. It definitley will reduce stress of getting ready in morning.

We were also still doing the kitchen which included cleaning out the fridge and all around it. My kitchen is looking AWESOME these days!! (Just don't look in the office please.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

YOGA ~ Day 37

I thought since I tried Zumba, I should try Yoga. It was great!! The funniest part of the whole thing was not the positions we tried, or the movements, or the stance I had to hold for minutes at a time, but the music that was on shuffle. It went from Enya to Eminem and I found my head bobbing and a little laughter escape from me when I realized I just heard the F bomb on the loud speakers during Yoga. The instructor also laughed and explained it must be on shuffle. With a variety of music that included Twisted Sister, and Def Leppard, I would say it was not what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it and will try it again.

Fly Lady Challenge
Hot Spots ~ Day 6
Same as day before with a new thing, putting out hotspots

I am still in the kitchen zone and I wiped down the doors of my cabinets and it was planning day to plan my week out.

The kitchen is really looking good!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

ZUMBA ~ Day 36

Today I tried my first Zumba class. It is something that was on my list of things to try for the new year. I LOVED IT!! I have to admit, I am a little sore... I hope I am able to move tomorrow. I want to try it again this week!

My new thing for the day was ZUMBA, and it rocked!

Write down what you hear - Day 5
- Getting Dressed when I wake up
- Keep your sink shining
- Read messages and stories
- Start writing things down
- Change the negative you hear in your head to positive self talk

This week she is also focusing on the kitchen, so she said to look up and get all the dust and webs and all that fun stuff. No webs here, but the top of the fridge and cabinets had so much dust my black clothes looked grey. YUCK. OK so I never look there, you caught me.

Also I had to spend 10 minutes on each:
•Quick Mop
•Polish Mirrors and Doors - had the kids do this
•Purge magazines/catalogs - I don't have any laying around
•Change Sheets
•Empty all trash cans - had the kids to this

Love doing the 10 minute timed thing. Hate spending too much time on one thing. This made the house look pretty darn good. My husband even gave me a "Wow, it looks really nice in here". The pat on the back I needed, but don't pat too hard, it hurts from ZUMBA!

A Special Treat ~ Day 35

Today I surprised my lovely girls with a yummy treat, I saw this idea on One Charming Party. I modified the drink but non the less, it was so good! First hot cocoa with marshmellow, I let it sit to melt the marshmellows some and then added cold milk with a snickerdoodle on top. Warm chocolate milk with marshmellows and snickerdoodles, could anything be any yummier.

Write things down - Day 4
- Getting Dressed when I wake up
- Keep your sink shining
- Read messages and stories
- Start writing things down
She wants me to make notes so I can remember things, that is actually a great idea. The stories give great ideas on how to get rid of clutter and such. So far, so good

So far so good, the house is looking better every day. Little things like keeping my sink clean is a wonderful thing to come down to in the morning!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wall Street ~ Day 34

Today I took it easy, feeling a little under the weather. My new thing for the day was Wall Street Money Never Sleeps. Never sleeps, huh, sounds like me. I did like it and so did my husband. I was very tired and it was my new thing for the day. Sleep sounds pretty good!

Day 3 ~ Do what we have already done
-Getting up and dressing to lace up shoes
-Keeping your sink shining
-Signed up for daily tips

Like the clean sink, get up and getting dressed right aways is OK, I like my breakfast first and a little waking up first but I will stick with it. Asked me how I feel in two weeks, I may change my mind. :)

Chapters Books and Coffee ~ Day 33

My friend introduced me to a new coffee shop. It is not new, but is new to me and is something I want to kick myself about. I cannot believe I haven't been there before. It was the best coffee shop with a variety of books and teas and was HUGE, with a small coffee house feel. They even offered soy, rice, coconut and almond milk for us girls who don't drink milk. All I can say is I LOVED IT!!

My new thing for the day, Chapters Books and Coffee, I plan on going back very soon.

Day 2 Get dressed to lace up shoes
I had to get ready first thing when I woke up UGH!!!
Sine my sink before bed too, I kinda like this!